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There are two basic methods for laying our terracotta tiles, depending on which series are to be laid and the surface area. We advise a minimum of 10 mm joint between the pieces when laying, since terracotta is a natural material and has contractions and dilatations due to temperature changes.

The product used in these joints should not contain pigments as these can penetrate the terracotta tiles and stain them.


If the area to be laid on is irregular, it has to be levelled. For this a layer of more than 5 mm. of mortar/adhesive must be used, terracotta tiles are then fixed directly, and this is known as "THICK COATING". The inconvenience of laying by this method is that you must wait for both the mortar and the terracotta to be completely dry before sealant treatment can be started.


If the area to be laid has an even and sufficiently levelled surface terracotta tiles can be fixed using a coating of approx. 5 mm. of adhesive, which is known as a "THIN COATING". This method allows quick drying and the product doesn’t have to be wet during the fixing. This means that the appearance of efflorescences is avoided and treatment can be started earlier.
It could be recommend to lay terracotta tiles with thin coating since the whole process of laying and treatment is faster. All our pre-sealed machine tiles have to be laid with a thin coating.


When you seal your terracotta is a personal choice, it can either be done as you lay your tiles or once laying is completed.

All tiles must be clean and dry before sealing otherwise you may seal in dirt or moisture which will impair the final appearance. The process of sealing should be kept meticulously clean and all materials including brushes, paint pads and cloths etc. should be new and unused. The drying times recommended in the following pages may be altered by the actual site conditions (heat, humidity, ventilation etc.). Please refer to the manufacturers’ guidelines on drying times for each product.

Living Terracotta recommends that traffic across a newly sealed floor is kept to a minimum for the first week as sealants can take a few days to fully oxidise and may not be fully effective during this time. 

NB Some of our Stoneware terracotta tiles and pre-sealed require only final coat sealing. 

Clean off any tiles with Cement Residue Remover (if required)

The first coats of sealant or primer are used as a protection against the grout, an unsealed terracotta is very porous and any grout on an unsealed surface will absorb into the terracotta.

We recommend that a number of sample tiles are tested for porosity, which will give an indication of the amount of sealer the tiles will require. The tiles will readily absorb the first coat of sealant and as a rough guide you should expect to use up to 70% of the sealant on the first coat. 

Once grouted final coats can be applied covering grout lines as well for complete protection. 


See our FAQ section above for more information on cleaning terracotta, laying terracotta tiles and sealing terracotta or visit our Blog Click here for our most up to date articles and tips on laying and sealing your terracotta, once there you can ask any questions you have and get the answers from us and our community of happy terracotta tile users 

Return to our website to order your tiles and sealers or contact us if you do not see what you want as we have stock being added all the time. We also have an Amazon store that gathers all the supplies you will need to lay your tiles in one place from the most competitive suppliers in the U.K. you can visit our Amazon store Here or using the Tools & Supplies link above.


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