Ever Living Stoneware

Ever Living Stoneware

Ever Living Stoneware is produced to the most advanced techniques, with a high aesthetic value and natural appearance. They also feature perfect qualities for their purpose whether for:

Commercial or Domestic application                     

Indoor or Exterior use

Anti slip 

Resistant to Thermal Shock


Resistant to Heavy use

No sealing necessary or onward maintenance 


When used externally they make a perfect solution for Terraces, Patios or Pathways. Available in a range of colours and sizes, whether for in the home or in a commercial setting, they are durable and certified to comply with the building specifications for slip and frost resistance.


We are also able to offer our brand new range Ever Living Floating Stoneware

Available in a range of colours, the tiles come fitted to a base and are laid by simply clicking and fixing together.

No additional materials needed, i.e. No adhesives, grouts or sealers

Completely maintenance Free and self assembly possible, slip and frost resistant 


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