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Sealant Options


Below is a selection of pictures displaying the different ways a sealants finish can effect the end appearance. Other than the finish the colour can also be enhanced by the use of a stone oil or the traditional use of boiled linseed oil with a top sealer or wax.

The pictures below are for reference to finish only and experimenting on spare tiles is highly advised before attempting to seal a newly laid floor.

Our handmade and machine made ranges can be transformed with the use of oils and sealers so a truly unique floor can be created


 Matt Finish    matt-finish.jpg  matt.jpg
 Satin Finish    satin-finish.jpg  satin-finish-handmade.jpg
 Gloss Finish    gloss.jpg  gloss-finish.jpg
 Stone oil with satin finish    sierra-natural-stone-oil-with-satin-finish.jpg  stone-oil.jpg

 Boiled Linseed Oil

 with Antique wax

   boiled-linseed-oil.jpg  boiled-linseed-oil-with-ant-wax.jpg