About Our Tiles

Terracotta Tiles, Terracotta Floor Tiles, Handmade Clay Tiles 

The terracotta tile is an essential contribution to a pleasant and healthy room atmosphere.

The porous material of these terracotta tiles provides a climatic balance in the room and its heat retaining ability makes it an ideal surface material for all under floor heating systems. These terracotta floor tiles can be easily cut with diamond blade tile saws, making them perfect for self installation. Terracotta tiles are however porous and therefore need to be sealed, we have all the sealants you need for your project and desired finish all can be applied by brush or paint pad.

 We only supply the highest quality terracotta flooring available, our Traditional handmade ranges are produced 100% by hand by the oldest and most traditional methods that have been adapted to create tiling to fit into the most traditional or modern styles, all this at the most competitive prices guaranteed.

Our machine made terracotta and extruded tiles i.e. Stoneware are produced by the most modern methods and use world leading technology to produce flooring and wall tiles to fit into any situation either domestic or commercial.

The tiles are sent direct from our U.K. stock or our manufacturers in Spain. We do not hold all stock in the U.K. and because of this there are few overheads and that allows us to be able to offer these tiles at the most competitive prices. 

We can offer all our tile ranges in a variety of sizes with accessories including stair tiles, edging and skirting tiles and even swimming pool surrounds. When planning your purchases for your projects please allow enough time for production as pieces made to order can take up to six weeks to be produced. Many different sizes are available in all ranges and commissions can also be undertaken on larger orders.

So call now to arrange your order.

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