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Tile Suitability Guide

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How to lay terracotta tiles, how to seal terracotta tiles and how to clean terracotta tiles also tips on terracotta maintenance, along with our latest news and offers:

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Choosing from our tiles based on suitability

Use the table below to select the right tile for your project 


Suitability of our tiles                       

Interior   use

 Exterior use 

 Stone oils  Sealants  Wall application
 Handmade  Yes

 Frost resistant with use of sealants

 Yes Interior only                                  Yes Interior/exterior  Produced on request 
 Machine  Yes  Frost resistant with use of sealants  Yes Interior only  Yes Interior/exterior  

Yes using
Thinner sizes

 Stoneware  Yes

 Yes  Frostproof    

Will need final seal

to protect against stains                       

 Yes Interior only  

Yes Interior/exterior                                                  

( With Graphite range sealing not needed )


Yes using
Thinner sizes