Traditional Handmade Terracotta Tiles

Traditional Handmade Terracotta Tiles

Traditional Handmade Terracotta Tiles

Colour variation from cream to pinks.

With all terracotta the shade can be kept light using clear sealers or darkened using Boiled linseed oil as a pre-sealer. Oil based sealers are also available

The terracotta tile is an essential contribution to a pleasant and healthy room atmosphere. The porous material of these terracotta tiles provides a climatic balance in the room and its heat retaining ability makes it an ideal surface material for all under floor heating systems. These terracotta floor tiles can be easily cut with diamond blade tile saws, making them perfect for self installation. Terracotta tiles are however porous and therefore need to be sealed, We have all the sealants you need for your project and desired finish all can be applied by brush or paint pad.

We only supply the highest quality terracotta flooring available, Made by hand by the oldest and most traditional methods that have been adapted to create tiling to fit into the most traditional or modern styles, All this at the most competitive prices guaranteed.

See our Blog  Click here for more information on cleaning terracotta, for our most up to date articles and tips on laying and sealing your terracotta. 

We also supply our Traditional Handmade range in Hexagonal tiles in the following sizes: 15cm, 20cm and 30cm tiles. Call us anytime for details.

We can also supply terracotta Paviors and Patterned tiles with Star or Square inserts etc


The images below are all the same tile sealed with different sealers and waxes to create different shades, we sell all sealers needed.


traditional-with-external-sealer.jpg traditional-with-clear-seal.jpg mattstone-and-ironwax-satin.jpeg philleigh-way-cookery-school-30x15cm-boiled-linseed-oil-and-ironwax-satin.jpg


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