A Sample of Sierra black terracotta tiles

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Sierra Black terracotta tiles

Their natural components earth, water, air and fire combined with advanced technology, provide a high quality, natural, crafted paving, indispensable for the creation of a warm, friendly and practical atmosphere. The range is available in Natural finish that will need sealing, we sell every product you will need to treat your terracotta floor, easy to apply with brush or paint pad with a range of finishes and shades.

Extruded terracotta tiles with a dark grey colour. They have straight even edges.   
It allows elegant contrasts between the dark terracotta tiles and the rest of the decorative elements.  Excellent for interior spaces.

The smaller sizes can also be used for wall applications


Sierra Black terracotta tiles

Fabulous smooth terracotta tiles, can be treated with oils and waxes or sealers to create a really unique and warm colour. A Black terracotta that feels warm underfoot and fits into many environments. 

There are a range of sizes available other than listed below which can be made to order, (minimum order sizes apply) please contact us for details. 


Here you can purchase a Sample piece of our Sierra Black Terracotta range with Free delivery


(No reviews yet) Write a Review