Sample of Nevada Quarry Terracotta Tile

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The Nevada range terracotta is a "hard" fired terracotta.

This product holds the finest decorative characteristics of fired clay, but has been fired to flintware to enhance stain- and wear-resistance. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance but retains the natural composition, colour, texture, treatment of classic terracotta. 

Can be laid indoors or externally and with a full range of complementary pieces they are suitable for floor surfaces in houses, commercial environments, gardens, swimming pools and pedestrian areas.

The tiles are available with a water absorption rate of = 0.5% making them Frostproof and are also resistant to sea water and chlorinated water from pools.

The series is also available in pieces for stairs and handrails.


Here you can purchase a Sample piece of our Nevada range with Free delivery


(No reviews yet) Write a Review